Clearly M•A•C / Large Rectangle

A large rectangle of clear plastic material that instantly shows what the bag holds.

Large Clear Rectangle, Flexible Plastic, Sturdy

Full Description

Fit all your M·A·C musts into this clear, sturdy and flexible rectangle that instantly shows what's inside.

Works Well With

Works Well With

Pro Palette Eye Shadow / Concealer x 15 (Insert)

15 Small Compartments, Fits Shadow / Concealer, Customizable


Pro Palette Large / Duo (Compact)

Large Compact, Fits Eye / Face Inserts & Pans, Double-Sided


Pro Palette Large / Single (Compact)

Large Compact, Fits Eye / Face Inserts & Pans, Single-Sided


Pro Palette Customize x12 (Insert)

12 Wells, Customizable, For All Formulas

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