Diipa Khosla's Rajasthani Wedding

M∙A∙C makeup artist Nisha Sirpal reflects on the 3 luminous looks created for beauty influencer Diipa Büller-Khosla’s 4-day celebration. You’ll want to take notes.

The Bride: Diipa Khosla, @diipakhosla
Images: Zohaib Ali Photography, @zohaibali.co.uk
Makeup: Nisha Sirpal, @nishasirpal_makeup
Hair: Aamir Naveed, @aamirnaveedhair @avedauk
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“I created Diipa’s signature look, but amped it up, just a little bit. I enhanced her eyes with liquid liner and focused on creating flawless skin that looked natural, but full of dimension. I used highlighter on the higher planes of the face – think cheekbones, bridge of nose and cupids bow – with a soft contour to enhance her beautiful features. We decided to go with full on shiny, glossy, lips. Clear Lipglass was perfect as it created a shine that lasted throughout a night of dancing, drinking and eating.”


“This look brought out the traditions of an Indian bride, but with a modern twist. I took inspiration from Diipa’s outfit – designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee – and created a look that embraced Indian culture, staying true to how Diipa likes to wear her makeup. For the eyes, I went for a soft smokey look using matte texture. And for the lips, I chose a velvety moisturising matte red lipstick, blurring out the edges of the lips to make it feel more romantic and authentic and a little less ‘done’. Indian brides are so much more open to a modern look nowadays, this technique helped to compliment the styling and inspiration we had as a styling team; think modern day Padmavati.”


“This look was so much fun! I wanted to compliment the dazzling jewellery and outfit, by using textures on the skin and eyes that looked glazed, dewy, glowing and fresh. We really took the time to make sure we prepped Diipa’s skin to its absolute best, so before applying any foundation or concealer, we layered skincare products. The oils were perfect for this, as well as having a beautiful soothing scent, they made her skin look and feel flawless before we even started. I kept contouring to a minimal, but focused on creating skin that looked healthy and had a ‘lit-from-within’ glow. Diipa’s eye makeup and lip were kept neutral but enhanced. I used matte and illuminating textures on the eyes and went for a matte lip to ensure longevity.”