Viva Glam



It all started in 1994, a time when the stigma and misinformation surrounding HIV and AIDS was at an all-time high. In true changemaker style, M.A.C’s founding fathers Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan, banded together to change the narrative and shift the lives of those directly impacted by the pandemic. It was a bold move, but a necessary one.

What started as a community outreach programme grew to be the M·A·C AIDS mission, and from that VIVA GLAM was born, the lipstick that has gone on to change 19,000,000 lives and counting. And the self-assured symbol and rallying cry for inclusivity and tolerance that is heard loud and clear around the world today.

“M·A·C has helped us transform the lives of thousands of children, young people, and families who are living with HIV, and who face a daily battle to cope with poor mental health, isolation, poverty, unemployment, violence, and discrimination. Providing a safe and welcoming space to this vulnerable population and giving them the emotional support they need to rediscover their sense of value and purpose.”

- Body&Soul


Since day one, the VIVA GLAM mission has been clear: to change lives and to champion the fearless pursuit of self-expression. It was the first lipstick created to raise money and awareness for men, women and children affected by HIV and AIDS. Today it also proudly advocates for homeless LGBTQ+ youth. 100% of every sale goes directly to the people who need it the most. But we don’t just talk the talk… One lipstick buys 254 condoms, tests 14 pregnant mothers for HIV, and feeds two homeless LGBTGQ+ youth for a full day. All that and it comes in pretty packaging too. So know that when you buy VIVA GLAM, you’re buying more than a lipstick. VIVA GLAM was born to make waves.

“To say that M·A·C has changed the trajectory of HIV in Ireland is an understatement; it has greatly impacted both prevention and support. Simply put, it has improved access to testing and sexual health information for thousands of people. It has also made life better for hundreds and hundreds of people living with HIV & Aids, ensuring they are informed, supported, and heard.”

- HIV Ireland


Now that we’re 25 years young, we’re raising the bar and setting our sights on bigger, bolder things. We’ve raised over $480 million through the VIVA GLAM Cause, and we’re damn proud of it, but we’re just getting started. To mark this turning point, we’re making sure we elevate the voices of those who are bold and unapologetic and who live by their own beauty rules, those who lead conversations and create movements, those who dare to be different and are infinitely better for it. And this time we’ll make sure it’s louder than ever.

“It is visionary for a company to commit such a high level of resource to supporting people with HIV and the passion for the success of Viva Glam has been evident from everyone we’ve ever worked with at M·A·C. The grants we have received over many years have simply been life-changing and given many hundreds of people the confidence to step out of social isolation, meet others living with HIV and receive support which meets their specific needs.”

- Waverley Care


We may have grassroots beginnings, but we will never abandon our glam ways; it is the M.A.C way after all. And as always, we’ll be looking to the next generation of gamechangers for inspiration. All will be revealed soon.

“M·A·C have been invaluable to the work of NAT (National AIDS Trust) during our 15 year partnership. As well as raising awareness of HIV by distributing our red ribbons on every one of their counters in the UK, they have funded much of our vital work. Because of M·A·C’s support, we’ve had a huge impact on people’s lives, and we’re now able to see and build towards a future with no more new diagnoses and an end to stigma and discrimination. There is still so much to do, and we’re so grateful to M·A·C for helping to make our work possible.”

- NAT (National AIDS Trust)