Plenty of Pout Plumping Lipgloss

Soft Shine, Visibly Volumises and Smoothes Lips, Moisturises


Versicolour Varnish Cream Lip Stain

High Coverage, Glossy Shine, 12-Hour Wear



Glass-Like Shine, High Coverage, M·A·C Heritage



3D Shine, Medium Coverage, Non-Tacky


Cremesheen Glass

Creamy, Cushiony, Moisturizing-Serum Blend


Hint Of Colour Lip Oil

Lightweight, Hydrating, Sheer Coverage


Lipglass / Nicopanda

Pastel Shades, Glass-Like Shine, Special Packaging


Lipglass / Mirage Noir

Glass-Like Shine, High Coverage, Special Packaging


Lipglass / Little M‧A‧C

Glass-Like Shine, High Coverage, M·A·C Heritage


Versicolour Stain

Gloss/Stain Hybrid, Long-Wearing, Lasting Shine

8.5ml - £24.71 / 10ml

Tendertalk Lip Balm

Customized Colour, Sheer Coverage, Hydrating


Lipglass Clear

Mirror-Like Shine, Conditioning, Iconic